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In older, indigenous cultures, being born into the royal family line meant your life was dedicated to serving the people and land. Our princess logo represents the true spirit of nobility: service. Our unique products bring the comfort of bread back into the lives of so many people facing health and dietary challenges. To us at Planet Princess, this is our way of serving, and it matters a great deal.

At only 7 net carbs per bun, our Plain buns are a good fit for most people living the Keto lifestyle. For a more flavorful, savory option, our Garlic Rosemary Sundried Tomato buns — at only 8 net carbs — work nicely too. Even though the Keto diet is best know for its fat-burning properties, we know it is so much more than that. We have your macros and your micros well considered!

Yes! Our bread is great for Paleo eaters. Our gluten-free breads do not contain grains, dairy, legumes, vegetable oils, sugar, additives, or gums, and they are non-GMO. With such clean, whole ingredients straight from the planet, Paleo eaters can enjoy bread again!

“Gluten-free” does not necessarily equal “healthy.” Many gluten-free breads are made with cheap, questionable ingredients and additives. Often, they are very high in carbs as well. Our ingredients are truly superior, and our products so much more than just bread replacement. They are food. Good, low carb food that feeds your body with protein, vitamins, and minerals. So whether you avoid grain-based breads due to Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity, Wheat Allergy, Gastrointestinal Distress, Brain Fog, or simply to reduce your exposure to Glyphosate and avoid GMO’s, Planet Princess breads support you!


Bread. That wonderful, functional staple. It is so central to our culture that we call money-earners “breadwinners,” and the basics in life our “bread and butter.” In one form or another, bread is featured in almost every meal we eat. If you can eat regular bread, you probably don’t think much about it. But if you can’t, you long for it.

Today, a rapidly growing number of our community cannot eat gluten-containing bread or any grains at all. And although there are gluten-free bread alternatives on the market, they are not necessarily “healthy” choices.

Dietary health trends lean toward higher protein, lower carbohydrate eating. And standard gluten-free bread substitutes are unsatisfactory to many gluten-free eaters for a number of reasons: grain flours such as rice, corn, or soy, additives such as Xanthan Gum, disappointing taste or performance, and especially, high carb content. This is particularly true for the Keto and Paleo communities and people living with insulin resistance or other blood sugar challenges.

Planet Princess buns fill the gaping hole in the gluten-free market by providing gluten-free, grain-free, low carb, protein-rich, clean bread  alternatives. Our ingredients are non-GMO and register low on the glycemic index. Our buns and bagels contain no lactose, no additives, no fillers. Our nutrition panels speak for themselves.

When you eat Planet Princess baked goods, your bread, instead of being just a yummy and useful element of your meal, actually enhances its overall nutrition.

With the pliable texture of hearty, traditional bread, Planet Princess gluten-free buns and bagels freeze and thaw beautifully while maintaining both great taste and texture. They toast like “regular” bread and stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to seven days after thawing. Planet Princess buns easily take a heavy burger and hold up to spreads such as nut butters and other damp, heavy ingredients without breaking down, getting soggy, or falling apart.

So many wonderful people out there are longing for a truly great, nutritious bread alternative. Planet Princess proudly provides just that. We are committed to breaking the bread barrier!



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