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Absolutely Superb

Your product is absolutely superb. Congratulations.


Bread is Amazing

This bread is amazing! I haven’t found a good Keto bread in two years. I think I finally found one! Thank you!



The nutrition panel alone is completely insane!


Insulin Resistant

I can enjoy a sandwich without stressing about carbs. Thank you!

-Lora, Ashland, OR


Thank you for bringing bread back into my life. Everyone should know about it!

-Jan, Twin Cities

Gluten Free

This is not just "good gluten free bread." This is good bread. Period.

-Sam, St. Paul, MN

Keto Diet

Your buns literally keep me on Keto. 50 pounds gone so far!


Celiac, Diabetes

Celiac plus diabetes meant years of no bread for me. What a gift!

-Sue, Anoka, MN

Diabetes, Paleo Diet

A sandwich on a delicious bun and 112 blood sugar later? Incredible!

-Anita, Dufur, OR

Yummy Bread

I’m a diabetic. I switched to a Keto diet 2 years ago, and last year I discovered your bread at Mississippi Market. We live in Red Wing so we drive up to Saint Paul a couple of times a week for your bread. My blood sugar never spikes after eating your yummy bread. My a1c is down to 6, from 10. Due to our current crisis, I am extremely grateful today to find out that you deliver!! My blood sugar has been rising alarmingly, mostly do to not getting good alternatives down here. So thank you for all your yummy work, and that you deliver!!